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Alice Woods Art & Design Co. is a small hands-on business that is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible.

The world is full of beautiful things that have been dis-guarded, and we aim to re-purpose these parts and materials by creating pieces that are filled with layers of character and history. We are on the constant search for treasures such as used and vintage woods, metals, artifacts, and furniture. We create our work through the re-purposing, amalgamating, crafting, and redesigning of these items into new furniture, lighting, and sculptures.


Wood: The majority of lumber we use is sourced directly from Vancouver Island. Most of which has been selectively logged, salvaged, or recycled; we travel and physically choose lumber from small suppliers who, just like us, understand the importance of committing to both a sustainable and renewable lumber industry. Regardless of application, we understand and believe that trees remain the lungs of the planet, and forests provide shelter and protection for untold numbers of birds, animals, and insects. Today, as world population increases, wood is becoming increasingly precious. It is important to salvage and reuse wood materials where possible, so we can extend the lifespan of this highly flexible and uniquely aesthetic material.

Metal: Historically, metal is closely linked to the progress of the human race — initially as a material for making tools and rudimentary weapons; and eventually as a cornerstone of construction and transportation. This means that we have thousands of years of fascinating castings, tools, parts and pieces of metal lying dis-guarded all across the globe. These pieces of metal once designed for a specific purpose, now sit rusting away. At Alice Woods, we search high and low to acquire antique metal castings, whether they are old parts used in industry or farming, or vintage metal pieces used in architecture or furniture, our aim is to bring new life to these old, man-made collections of materials.

Furnishings: Just because a piece of furniture is past its prime, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be thrown into a landfill. At Alice Woods, we bring new life and individuality to once fabulous pieces. Each piece of furniture chosen for re-purpose undergoes a lengthy refurbishing process, where we sand, strip, and finally redesign the piece with the help of paint, patterns, fabric, and metals.

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